At a Glance

Nashwaaksis Baptist Church at a Glance

IMG_0680Sunday Service: 10:30am weekly.

Children’s Sunday School: 11:00 am during the service.

Adult Sunday School: 9:30 am weekly.

Check out our Family
 page for more details.

Here at NBC, we strive to be a family church. We minister to people of all ages from all walks of life. Our children and youth programs in particular are taking on a whole new life this year.

For more information on our staff, history, ministry, and events, please see the links in our menu, as well as the other links in the “About” drop-down menu. Thank you for visiting our website!

Mission Statement

To be an expression of the Church of Jesus Christ, worshipping the living God and ministering to the needs of people in our fellowship, our communities and world; so that they may experience the love of God through us; come to personal faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord; become baptized members of His Church; growing in discipleship and effective in personal ministry. In all this our presence will be salt and light in our communities and world.