Founded in 1957, Nashwaaksis Baptist Church originated from the desire to be aligned with the United Baptist Convention of the Atlantic Provinces. This endeavour was pioneered by a group of interested Christians from the Nashwaaksis area. The neighbouring Union Street Baptist Church was instrumental in supporting this new venture.

The first building was dedicated on the present site in May of 1957. Only a year later, the membership had grown to include 109 individuals. By 1961, the church had become self-sufficient and no longer needed to rely on grants provided by the Home Missions Board.

During the early seventies, the facilities were expanded to meet the demands of Christian Education Ministry. It was during this time that the first CE director was hired. Growth continued, and the facilities were expanded again in 1986. Caring Ministries were initiated through Stephen Ministries, as well as through existing groups within the church. A new focus on youth ministry began when the first Youth Pastor was hired in 1990.

As the nineties unfolded, the NBC Youth Ministries flourished. New administration changes and a shift into a contemporary worship experience made this decade one of transition into the new millennium. Evangelism and discipleship remained top priorities, and there has always been a focus on and sensitivity to community and personal needs as the message of Christ is shared.

NBC is entering the future with a vision for the continued work of the Lord, encouraging the community to reach out and serve Him. We strive to be known as a family church, a place “where you can belong.” Small groups give relationships priority, and encourage people to be faithful to God and each other during their daily lives.

Do you see yourself becoming a part of NBC’s present and future family?

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