The Greatest Endorsement

Join us this Sunday @ 10:30 as we considered the greatest public endorsement ever given. Read Acts 2 to find out.

Each year companies pay a lot of money for air time during the super bowl. Why? What is your favourite super bowl ad?

Be a part of the conversation. It all starts with Connect Cafe @ 10.

Song of Joy

Join us Sunday morning @ 10:30 for a special Christmas Choir “Song of Joy.” Bring your family and friends a wonderful morning of music.

Come Expecting!

Advent begins this weekend. What are you expecting? What are we expecting? Over the course the advent we will be looking at Luke’s account of some pretty miraculous events; the visit by the angel Gabriel to Zechariah telling him he would have a son.

Zechariah didn’t believe what he was hearing! I must confess as I read this story again I muttered to myself, how could Zechariah be so stupid. Then I caught myself, how many times has God tried to get my attention and I merely brushed Him off.

As we enter into a season of expectancy let’s be careful to listen for the voice of God. Let’s not brush Him off! Maybe He will speak through a co-worker, a friend, someone at the mall or maybe even an angel. This Christmas let us believe, yes God is speaking!

Join us this Sunday for connect cafe @ 10 then gather together @10:30 to worship the anointed One, the long awaited Messiah!

Renewed when you remember

Join us Sunday @ 10 for Connect Cafe and then gather @ 10:30 as we are challenged in our spiritual journey.

Feel free to read Nehemiah 8 and 9 before Sunday. And don’t worry, Pastor Chris won’t be reading from the first books of the Bible for a four to six hour time frame….but what would happen if he did??

Who are you inviting to join in the conversation?

Discerning Next Steps

Join us this Sunday @ 10:30 as continue to “Discern Next Steps” and discover God’s redemptive story. We will find Pastor Chris’ notes here.

Who are you inviting to join the conversation?

Summer Recap Sunday

Join us this Sunday @ 10:30 as our youth will be sharing about their ministry to the community over the summer. We are pleased to welcome Erica Young from Opal Family Services as well. She will be sharing a brief update on Camp Wonder and our efforts with them during Tidal Impact.

Back to School prayer

Hello Nashwaaksis community. It’s Wednesday and our students are back in school.

Let’s be praying for them. Pray they will have the courage to be an example of Jesus to their peers and teachers.