Don’t walk alone

Good afternoon everyone,

Like you I have been watching the news. (maybe too much) Yesterday CBC released a couple of graphs from an Agnus Reid poll showing how Canadians are “dealing” with this pandemic. Over 40% of the those who were polled said they are worried, anxious or both. Can you relate?

The good news is we do not have to carry the weight of being worried or anxious on our own. We can do it together. And, Jesus gives a clear and simple invitation to come and find rest with Him.

A yoke was used to balance the load, take the “weight” on together. Don’t walk alone. You don’t have to.

In His grip,

Pastor Chris

Live Q and A

Hi there friends,

How are you? Me, taking it day by day. Thankful for a strong family. Like you, we are adjusting to this new normal. 

As a pastor in the local community I serve I am privileged to share my faith and hope regularly. I humbly call myself a follower of Jesus. I do believe He brings a wonderful Hope in the midst of troubling times. 

As you walk through these days I am sure there are many questions. I share those same questions. 

Next week on Tuesday afternoon April 21st I would like to dialogue about some of those questions from my faith perspective. I will be live on Facebook at 3 pm Atlantic Time. If you have a question about faith or maybe even a question for me about my journey I would be glad to engage in conversation. 

I would ask that you send your questions via messenger and send me an email to

Here are a few of the questions so far

Why is my right hand not functioning like the other one? Is it a lack of faith?

Where do we see God in a crisis like this?

Do faith and sports coexist?

Does Jesus really have the authority of God? 

Why are the Ottawa Senators the best team in the NHL?

To be honest I may not be able to answer your question(s) in full but my hope is we can dialogue together and maybe you will even learn a little more about me. 

Our world is changing, but Jesus whom I follow is not. Let’s chat and learn together. 

In His grip,

Pastor Chris


Good morning everyone, 
Our Easter gathering can be viewed by clicking on the YouTube link below.

Holy Week begins with cleansing

Good morning everyone,
As we enter Holy Week the words of Jesus below come to mind.
“‘My house shall be called a house prayer ‘”; but you are making it a den of robbers.”
It was time for the passover. Sacrifices were needed. Merchants who sold animals set up in the temple so people who travelled to Jerusalem could take part in the festivities. One problem. The merchants were taking advantage of the temple and the people. Jesus took care of that. He did not want there to be any distractions from the true meaning of the passover and the importance of the temple as a place of prayer. 
Reflecting on these words of Jesus look at our current settings, it is our homes that have become ‘houses of prayer.’ We are not able to physically gather. What are the distractions in your home and mine that may be taking our mind, eyes, and heart off the true meaning of the passover. 
This time of separation and isolation can be a spiritual cleansing. Take these days to come before Jesus. Pray, “open the eyes of my heart, I want to see You, to see You high and lifted up.”
Click the link to listen to Open The Eyes of My Heart.
In His grip,
Pastor Chris